Create User Devices

Then create the user devices by clicking on Users and selecting the first user you created (User One Ext 1001)

Under that users account Click on the Pencil Editor, then Click on Phone.


Then Click on Add Phone. One Ext per phone added. Simply add the following for users Ext.

Example refers to the Ext on User One, EXT 1001. The Ext would be 1001, 1001a, 1001b etc. Don't select a phone model - we're just creating the user device, and we will associate the actual phone later. Remember above, under Things to Know.  The same user Ext can only be assigned to one phone and The number of lines and devices need not be equal. This is why the above Extensions will need an alphabetic character at the end.


Setup Inbound Call Ring Hunt (Answering Rules)

Go to Each User and select the user, then Answering Rules. Select the default rule and set Forward On Active, to the next line user on the users account. If using voicemail, set a Forward when unanswered to the mailbox on the first line.

Repeat following for each User and Ext.



Assign Extensions with SLA’s

In the Portal you will need to add the actual phone that will be used for each user created earlier. Click on Inventory in the Portal. Then click the button Add Phone. Then under the Basic Tab Pick the phone model you are adding (Our example is from one the devices above 000000000011, it’s a Yealink SIP-T29G) This will be User One’s Phone. Ext 1001, and SLA Ext’s for 1002, and 1003. Click on advanced tab and if you are using our internal directory, pick the option you are using. The click Save. Once the phone is saved. Continue adding the phones for each User remaining.

Examples Show User One and User Two



Once each user actual phone and line assignment has been completed. Click on the editor for each phone.


Once in the Editor, you will need to check the SLA option, on each line of each phone. Then click save and Resync.



Each actual Phone should reboot and assign the phone lines as they are listed above.  Then test by dialing each DID or Primary Ext. Not the Alphabetic Extensions.

Shared Line Appearance is when one button on multiple phones can be set up to share the same line. The line should have an LED associated with the button to indicate the status of the corresponding line. Upon an inbound call to the "Shared Line", all the available phones associated with the "Shared Line" will be rung, and the LED for the associated button should be flashing. The call can be answered at any of the associated phones simply by pressing the button associated with that line. Once the call is answered, the LED for the associated button will stay on continuously. Calls can be parked by pressing the button for that line and then retrieved by pressing the "shared line" button on any of the other associated phones. When the call ends, the LED associated with the line goes off on all of the phones. Outbound calls can be made by pressing the button to select one of the available "Shared Lines" (indicated by their associated LED being off), then dial the number you wish to dial.