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SnapDial Mobile App iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad)



SNAPmobile IOS is a softphone with “Portal” capabilities including visual voicemail, call history, contacts, greetings, and answering rules.

Key Features

  • SIP softphone
  • Contact Management
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Answering Rules Management
  • Call History
  • Presence
  • Extension Dialing
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Switch Call to a New Device 

This feature guide will walk you through the various features outlined above.

Download the App from the Apple iTunes Store and install it on your device.



Your Host ID will always be snapdial

Logging In

1. When launching SNAPmobile for the first time, the user will be presented with the log in screen.

2. Enter the Host/ID (snapdial), the user’s login name (ext@domain), and the password used to access voicemail and the portal, then click Login.

Example: 1002@YMCATX

3. After the initial login, this data will be stored and not be requested again unless the user logs out.


Making and Receiving a Call

Click the Dial Pad icon to launch the phone dialer view.Screen_Shot_2019-10-02_at_11.45.14_PM.png


Dialing a Call

1. From the phone dialer view the user can dial both internal extensions and external phone numbers.


2. When dialing is complete, press the green dial icon to begin the call. Screen_Shot_2019-10-02_at_11.50.03_PM.png